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Machetes galore! Costa Rica prepares for 5 months of Beach Tourism!

Machetes galore! And no... That's not a euphemism for Halloween! 

In North America winter is on your heels, but toward the end of October here in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, it means that the rainy season is coming to a swift close.  The locals, who call themselves “Ticos” are wielding their machetes and cutting away the excess long palms, loose coconuts, and clearing fields that will soon begin to dry and wither way. 

Looking out over Playas Del Coco
Within the first few days of November, the rain will come to a complete halt for the next 5 months; The sun & sand will become a soft haven of sun worshipers, those looking to enjoy a location filled with local western ex-pats, cheap drinks, a different outlook on long term vacationing, and for a few, the opportunity to consider a new home, escape from the typical “western life”,  and put some paradise in their pockets. 

Myself, a recent ex-pat import who came here on a slightly different mission initially to help a sick family member, but also I’ve been here before & am enamored by the culture, the dry season, and all the joyous things the weather this time year affords us.  For local expats it’s a time to see your friends return south from the north, for the local businesses it’s time for the tourist dollars to return the scales into the black, and for the surfers, the waves & winds don’t get much better than this time of year in Costa Rica. 

“Pura Vida!” A common chant touted by almost all locals and westerners alike.  The direct translation as you may have guessed means “Pure Life”, although it has a more fundamental meaning to the locals.  The local Ticos and Ticas are most often joyous and happy, huge smiles on their faces amidst almost rife poverty and most live in shanties hidden amongst the western style condos & hotels.  The local people are gracious, kind, and full of gratitude at nearly every step.  Being a westerner myself I can say with certainty our first world problems wouldn’t even be a concern to them, but I could write another article on that topic alone!  “Pura Vida” means more than I could ever fit into one page, but a short summary would be that everything happens at it’s own pace, be happy in the now, be gracious for what you have, and most importantly live free of worry.  Stress, after all,  is a huge killer in western culture, and it's no wonder why Costa Rican's have the 2nd highest life expectancy.  
Sunset over Playa Hermosa
The beaches here on the west coast of Costa Rica are clean, the food is a mixture of Latin, and Caribbean styles, although American & Canadian fare is easily found as well, not to mention the sunsets so beautiful that they’ll take your breath away.  The weather is warm, humidity is low, and the country in general has some of the most consistent temperatures in the world.  There is absolutely a reason so many westerners flock here to consider a new life abroad.

There are plenty of bars and nightlife if one so desires, and overt crime is nearly non-existent, however that doesn’t mean be foolish and leave your iPhone siting on the bar while you go to the bathroom. 

Cocanutz Bar & Grill in Playas Del Coco

Common sense goes along way anywhere in this world, and Costa Rica is no different in that regard. 

This year, if you are looking for beautiful place to vacation alone or with your family, where beautiful people, and the charm of the area melt into your hands & heart, consider Guanacaste, Costa Rica near the Gulfo de Papagayo.  Playas Del Coco & Tamarindo are calling your name.  There are daily flights to Liberia (LIR), Costa Rica on Delta, American, and Lufthansa. 

If you're looking for a cheaper ticket, Spirit Airlines out of Florida can get you to the capital of San Jose, but you'll need to take a bus west to Guanacaste for about $10. 

After you arrive, feel free to look me up, we'll get a beer! 

Pura Vida!!

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